Stavros Damos

Stavros was born and still lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. Learning to illustrate as a child, he found his personal artistic path with a unique line work style using watercolours, coloured pencils and a wacom tablet. “I see the subject as a sculptor. I break the forms, and illustrate them with line strokes. I’m trying to achieve a 3D feel.”

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Stavros Damos Biography

Do you listen to music while drawing? I usually listen jazz standards: Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Miles and stuff like that.

Is there a film that has had a direct influence in your work? The Big Lebowski 

Stavros Damos Biography

What is the kind of project that makes you feel like a happy kid on Christmas morning? Character illustrations in a vintage style for a board game. 

If you could go anywhere, anytime, to develop your creative skills, where would you go? Italian Renaissance. Florence probably.