James Dignan

New Zealand born, Sydney based illustrator James Dignan studied Fashion, Textile Print Design and Fashion Illustration at the Studio Berçot in Paris. His illustrations have adorned book, magazines, clothing, porcelain, buses, billboards and department store windows globally.

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+61 432 950 648
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James Dignan Biography

Do you take a sketchbook on holiday? I always source a sketchbook locally when I travel and often draw the things I’d love to buy rather than purchase them. I am a reformed shopaholic. 

If you had the ability to turn into an animal at will, what animal would you choose and why? Hands down a a leopard (panthera pardus) the chicest of the big cats!

James Dignan Biography

Desk lucky charm? I have a large piece of marble from Carrara, the very quarry where  Michelangelo’s block for the iconic sculpture of “David” was hewn.