Lisa Vertudaches

Lisa Vertudaches is an illustrator and animator working from Kaurna Land, Adelaide. She specialises in cute but emotionally impactful work, with a twist of whimsy. Lisa’s characters and narratives are often drawn from her own life experiences, but may appeal to those who constantly reflect on every mistake or misplaced word they’ve ever uttered.

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What is the hardest part about giving a your blob-like, inanimate characters emotion? Not everyone reads expressions the same way. Something that I’m trying to express as grief could instead be interpreted as anger, or something else. I just have to make sure I’m communicating clearly to my audience, and sometimes that might involve the use of symbols, posture or surrounding detail to ensure a character will be perceived how I intend.

Lisa Vertudaches Biography

What gets you out of procrastination mode and into productive mode every time? Working with a good art director & having tight deadlines.