Katherine Quinn

New Zealand surface design illustrator Katherine Quinn loves collecting things, there is something that fills me with joy seeing a whole lot of the same or similar things together. Creating patterns and fabric collections was a natural progression for me… the frantic sense of excited chaos getting elements to fit and then the overwhelming sense of harmony when they do and the fact that I can create a structured repeating rhythm that could go on forever… feels a little bit like magic.

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I think of a fabric collection as a bit like creating a world or a story…  I had an imaginary friend when I was younger… ‘January’ who my Mother said disappeared when my brother {who was two years younger than me} got a bit more interesting and interactive. Creating worlds has always been something that is very important to me and in my patterns I like to think each element has its own sense of belonging to the world and whatever/whoever sits next to them within the pattern… I think for me colour also plays a big part in that sense of belonging.