The Illustration Room

Gregory Baldwin

client: Scoop Magazine The idea for this illustration was inspired by a recent visit to the Eden Project in Cornwell in the UK where natural flora environments from around the world are sustained in large Biodomes. Ironically the Project is surrounded by a large complex series of carparks.

client: Law Institute Journal Cover illustration depicting an orchestra made up of people who a involved in a building development where the workforce have to work together to avoid the possibility of industrial action. How lawyers are involved in the process of bringing the different parties together with a positive outcome.

client: Royal Auto (RACV) Cover illustration to accompany a feature article on an A to Z travel guide to world travel.

Promotional illustration for the Illustrators book that is a montage of various illustrations taken over the previous year. The illustrators book is an unsual size and shape and needed an illustration tailor made for the job.

client: Cengage Publishing Cover for educational title for primary school students.

client: Sydney Child & Melbourne Child Illustration for an article celebrating the 75th anniversay of The Flying Doctors Service

client: The Law Institute Journal The brief was to illustrate a kookaburra and a kiwi signing a contract. I chose Australia and New Zealand flora, the leaves are arrange in the shapes of the two different countries.

Personal work for a St Valentine's Day Card.

Limited edition print that has since been used for Sufferfest poster