Clementine Campardou

With a brush in hand since childhood, ClĂ©mentine creates whimsical works of art with watercolour, ink, and acrylics. Her art is inspired by a range of themes, from empowering women to pop culture, botanicals, and surf life. Coloured water runs through ClĂ©mentine’s veins, when she’s not painting, she can be found surfing in Sydney.

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+61 432 950 648
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Clementine Campardou Biography

How does your personal work feed into your client’s work? I always try to find new ways to paint and experiment with new things, you can see if you browse my folio, it is very diverse in styles and subjects. Those experiences that are part of who I am as an artist, I try to inject them into my client’s project as much as I can, especially if I have “carte blanche”

Clementine Campardou Biography

watercolour, portraits, fashion, botanical, food and drinks