Chris Edser

Chris Edser’s work is inspired by the freedom of a childhood running around in the Adelaide Hills climbing trees and exploring. He has worked in a diverse range of creative areas including paleontology and megafauna research, theatre production animations and sports museums, classical music, novelty rock bands, wine and beer – so you’ll probably find something to talk to him about.

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+61 432 950 648
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Chris Edser Biography

Chris animates characters, carves things out of wood, was once a member of the video department at Fabrica Creative Research Centre in Italy, and previously designed t-shirts for Screamdance. 

Chris Edser Biography

How do you get out of artblock? Gardening or shooting hoops in the backyard.

If you had the ability to turn into an animal at will, what animal would you choose and why?

A pangolin. Lots of accessories. I’m not sure it’s the safest animal to be with all the trafficking, so that’s concerning.