Aidan Meighan

Aidan Meighan is an illustrator and cartographer living in Somerset. With a passion for nature and the outdoors, he has a distinctive style for his work, using different line work treatments and colour placements across his portfolio.

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Aidan Meighan Biography

How do you get out of artblock? I’ve learnt that art block for me isn’t a lack of creativity but it is being overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities of where to begin. I try and distract myself for half an hour, wether that be planting vegetables on my plot or playing with my toddler. When I get back in a calmer headspace, I find it easier just to go with the flow.

Aidan founded Whereabouts Maps in 2012 with support from the Princes Trust.

Aidan Meighan Biography

If you had the ability to turn into an animal at will, what animal would you choose and why? It would have to be an octopus, they are my favourite animal and one of the most biologically unique on our planet. They are so clever, I’m pretty sure they’ve got the secret of life sussed. Also eight tentacles would come in handy for drawing!