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Together, we can Uncloud vaping for good.

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Mindaroo Foundation

Art Direction: M&C Saatchi

Illustrations: Miguel Manich

Frankly, there’s so much BS out there. It’s hard to know who or what to believe. That’s why Uncloud is designed to be the place to get the facts.

Our purpose is simple – to get everyone to see vaping for what it really is. Our goal is to bring together the collective of young people fighting back against vaping.

We do this by sharing fact-based information and voices to help each other stop vaping and say ‘no’ to vapes in the first place.

Together, we can Uncloud vaping for good.”

Uncloud is proudly supported by Minderoo Foundation. Minderoo is not a government or health authority. Minderoo is a member organisation of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health and a member of the Union for International Cancer Control. Minderoo is not involved with the tobacco or vaping industry in any way. All the information in Uncloud is backed by research, evidence and expert support.