Custom Label: Igor Morski for Chemistry Gin

Orbs illustrated in 3D modelling to capture an organic interconnectedness, the shapes and colours morphing and blending into each other like polished stones or floating bubbles.

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Chemistry Gin, Wellington New Zealand

3D modelling illustrations by Igor Morski

Design: SingleDouble, Auckland

Awards: Black and Gold at the World Brand Design awards.

Chemistry is a Wellington based gin brand created by a biochemist and her wife, Chemistry has a vision to donate a portion of all profits to support women in science, so linking science, art and feminism were essential elements in the design process. Inspired by the idea that positive energy, attracts positive energy, singledoubledesign briefed Igor Morski to create colourful abstract 3D orbs to illustrate the brand ethos and evoke those wonderful moments when we become mesmerized by the magnetic people and things around us.

Overprinting on silver foil and adding a high build element to each orb lends a sense of subtle appeal and a tactile finish.