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The Stranger Things Field Guide. Illustrated by Phil Constantinesco

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The Stranger Things Field Guide Everything you need to know about the weird, wonderful and terrifying world of Hawkins and the Upside Down

Stranger Things is a perfectly crafted televisual world of ’80s Indiana, USA. The show is replete with a mysterious government project, shadow monsters, and a raft of big-personality, small-town characters… All of which is celebrated in this fun scrapbook. Entertaining, informative, and a hefty amount of fun, The Stranger Things Field Guide is an unofficial investigation of the curious fictional world created by the Duffer Brothers. With facts, stats, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes galore, this is the perfect book for obsessees of the show.

Unlike other Stranger Things books out there — this one is up-to-date, covering both seasons of the series comprehensively. With season three slated for 2019, this book is the perfect guide to swot-up on all you need to know before binge-watching all over again.

Written by Nadia Bailey. Illustrated by Phil Constaninesco. Published by Smith Street Books.