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The Magic Carpet’s Guide to Earth’s Forbidden Places. Illustrated by Whooli Chen.

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Written by Patrick Makin. Illustrated by Whooli Chen. Published by Magic Cat Publishing.

If you could gain access to anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Hop on the magic carpet and fly across the globe to discover the secrets of places that you never thought you would be able to visit, from Area 51 in the dusty deserts of Nevada to the Queen’s bedroom, a place of royalty but also mystery. Explore 19 off-limits locations on this magic carpet adventure through natural wonders, historic sites and cultural curios, and learn everything there is to know about the places that everyone has heard of, but very few have seen!

About the Author

Patrick Makin’s first job as a writer was as a war correspondent in Yemen, in 1994, covering the country’s civil war. However, when he decided that being bombed and shot at really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, he moved to Bristol and cut his teeth working as script-editor ofor Aardman. From plasticine animals to real animals was quite a leap but he still likes to bring a lighter touch to everything he writes.