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Explore Every Day: 365 daily prompts to refresh your life. Illustrated by Bea Crespo

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By Lonely Planet. Illustrated by Bea Crespo.

You don’t have to travel far to discover a world of new experiences. From new ways to connect with friends, family and the community, to appreciating art and unleashing your creative side, Lonely Planet shows you how to explore new cultures, meet new people and have amazing adventures – every day.

When we travel, we see the world with new eyes, eat new foods, and meet people from different cultures. We learn, we explore, we challenge ourselves – and return all the better for having refreshed and renewed our outlook. But how often do we take that sense of adventure and apply it to our daily lives when we’re back home?

Explore Every Day encourages you to discover your creativity, your inner adventurer and your community. Some of these prompts take one minute, like learning to breathe deeply, while others a full day or more, such as camping in your living room. But most take anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour, so they’re perfect to fit into your daily routine.

Daily prompts include:
Admiring the next piece of street art you see as if it were hanging in an art gallery
Watching a film from the first country that comes to mind, and writing a short review
Spending one full minute really, truly feeling the weather