The Illustration Room

50s Vintage Dame



Hi! I’m Sue, 50s Vintage Dame. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from Sydney, Australia. I create vintage-style illustrations. I also do a lot of vintage style artwork for tee shirts. I love all things mid-century, and I live in 1950s home filled with furniture and knick knacks from that era (…confession: I am a bit of a hoarder!)

I have always had a keen interest in the advertising artwork and graphic design of the 1950s. The skill level of the commercial artists of that era was astounding and I love to replicate the style in my graphic design and illustration projects.

Dan De Carlo has been a huge influence on my work – even before I even knew who he was! As a child I would spend all my pocket money buying Archie comics and then fill my days drawing pictures of Betty and Veronica. It’s a dream come true that now I do that for a living!

I’m not completely stuck in the 50s though – I now work using digital media to create my mid-century-styled artwork. I still like to draw everything in pencil first, but then work using Adobe Illustrator to create the finished vector artwork. I especially love vectors as they give the best result for screen-printing and other traditional printing methods. Sometimes I might add some vintage effects to the artwork in Photoshop, but for many projects I am now using Procreate on my ipad.