The Illustration Room

Kev Gahan illustrates Frankenfart with Will & Woody at KIIS FM

October 31, 2018 Kev Gahan has been making us laugh with his illustrations for years and he’s just found himself a whole new audience to engage with by illustrating a monster with deadly farts fighting evil bunnies. “I’ve recently been involved with on of the funniest and emotional stories going, Frankenfat. A book written by the 9-year-old genes that is Flynn. And bought to life thanks to Will & Woody at KIIS FM. Click on their insta-page to see the unveiling of the book to Flynn at his school! #emotional!” Flynn read his story live on radio to Will & Woody and they surprised him by turning it into an illustrated children’s book. A very special project to be involved in. A massive thank you to Will & Woody for coming up with an idea that is so wonderfully encouraging and supportive of kids reading, writing and hopefully illustrating one day too! Congratulations Flynn! Thank you to Zoe at KIIS FM.