The Illustration Room

Exhibition: Plants With Bite Collaboration with The Calyx, The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Last year the team behind The Calyx approached The Illustration Room with the idea of creating a collaborative exhibition of original illustrations inspired by vintage comics and films on the theme of carnivorous plants.

Each illustrator was given artistic license to tell any wild and wonderful story they could dream up within the fantastical world of Plants with Bite, The Calyx, The Royal Botanical Garden Sydney and the beautiful city it lies within.

Posters of the Plants with Bite artwork and souvenir postcard sets housed in retro tins can be purchased in The Calyx store until stocks last.

Collaborative Exhibition Poster

Savage Jungle Mountain Cat

Own Your Own Awesome Flesh-Eating Monster Ad

Attack of the Killer Dros

Floral Fatale, Attack of the Sticking Plants

Trapped By Love, Sticky Vicky

Deadly Cosmic Flora

Invasion of the Pitcher Plants

Beauty, Not Beast

Plants vs Zombies vs Easter Bunnies at the Calyx

Attack of the Carnivorous Eucalyptus

The Black Swamp

The Perils of the Pitcher Nepenthes

Terrifying Tales From The Green

Best Friend of the Female Mentis


The Takeover

Venus The Fly Slayer

The Nightmare of Easter

Brutal Blade of the Barbarian