The Illustration Room

DDB Graduates Program launch posters feature Illustration Room artists

August 29, 2013 To announce the launch of their 2014 Graduate Program, DDB Sydney created a series of cleverly illustrated posters. The brief was a challenging one and asked the artists to make famous and sell an every day object that would … let’s be honest… take a bit of selling to university students – a pen lid, a feather, a barbie doll leg, a twig, a lock of hair and an empty toilet roll. Five artists from The Illustration Room submitted their ideas and came up with these dynamic illustrated concepts. Articles about the program and the posters have appeared on Mumbrella, Australian CreativeB&T and The Campaign Brief.

Carmine Bellucci – A Feather

Michael Crampton – A Pen Lid

Petros Bouloubasis – An empty toilet roll

Chrissy Lau – A lock of hair

Rob Cowan – A twig

Kirsten Harris – a barbie doll’s leg

A big thankyou to the team at DDB Sydney for the opportunity to be involved in a brief allowing the artists to show the scope of their illustrating and conceptualisation talents. We loved being part of it.

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