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Discovery Channel Magazine Mysteries by Wilford Almoro

March 6, 2013 Wilford Almoro illustrated a series of four cluster art works for Discovery Channel Magazine. Each work cleverly incorporated in several of the main features of each section of the article about mysteries including the disappearance of Harold Holt and Amelia Earhart, the still unknown hiding place of billions of dollars of loot during WWII to the Yeti and Bigfoot. Wilford is an artist who illustrates his beautifully fine pencil lines 100% by hand and does not use photoshop at any point in his illustrations. An interesting character who is a Vet at an animal rescue centre in Manila, Philippines he says “When I took on this job, I also promised myself never to give up my art. Painting and illustration have become my stress reliever, outlet, and world outside of animals.”

Wilford Almoro for Men’s Health

July 11, 2012¬†Wilford Almoro’s¬†lumberjack series is out this week in the latest Men’s Health Australia magazine. Wilford hand draws all his images, then scans them in to create the digital file. Unusually in this digital world his work is virtually photoshop free. You can see how his work progresses at the bottom of this post.