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Stavros Damos portraits for Voyeur Magazine

December 8, 2015 Stavros Damos brings his extraordinary line work to portraits of Extreme Explorers for Voyeur, Virgin Inflight Magazine. Zoltan Takacs scouring the earth for life-saving snake venom, Matt Moniz tackling Antarctica’s mountain peaks, Black hole researcher Andrea Ghez, Ben Saunders the youngest person to journey to the North Pole on skis alone and Louise Leaky third generation paleoanthropologist and archaeologist.

New Artist – Portrait illustrator Stavros Damos approaches each portrait like he is a sculptor

February 27, 2015 New Artist –  The character and personality of Stavros Damos‘ portrait subjects is emphasised by his unusual technique of using visibly contrasting anatomical sculpting lines to highlight facial characteristics and create dimension in faces. Portraits for me are almost always make or break in the eyes, if they eyes aren’t right the portrait won’t work. Looking through Stavros’ folio he perfectly captures True Detective Matthew McConaughey’s haunted eyes and anxious posture while skilfully making Willie Nelson’s years of life sing contentedly on his face … with his eyes closed!  And Mick Jagger seen to be more about his eyes than his lips perhaps for the first time. (Willie Nelson commissioned by The Washington Post)