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Multiple execution solution – Sasha Prood’s illustrated farmers market alphabet

March 8, 2017 Inspired by Närproducerat – locally grown, farmers market produce – Sasha Prood crafted a custom alphabet for uses across all media and platforms. Developed at the request of Swedish advertising agency Garbergs for incorporation into a series of pop-up farmers markets hosted by Jernhusen. Jernhusen owns and runs railway stations attached to the Swedish rail network and wanted to use this platform to celebrate local farmers and the bounty of foods they ship via train everyday. Other credits include Art Director Jacob Frisk and Production Manager Malin Boustedt.


Finding a way for one creative to work across multiple platforms and executions is a challenge for clients and illustrators. This Swedish agency commissioned Sasha to illustrate a full custom alphabet allowing them the freedom and flexibility to simply write words to fit multiple platform executions, at any size and dimension. The illustrated lettering told the rest of the story – posters, banners onsite, tote bags, print ads, portrait, landscape and square – it all worked.

New Artist Sasha Prood specialising in hand lettering

December 1, 2015 Who can resist a mixed lollies alphabet? Trained as a Graphic Designer, typeface designer and illustrator Sasha Prood combines her skills to produce lettering for clients internationally. “Over time I found the complexities of lettering to be an exciting challenge and fell in love with the process.”

In 2104 she was selected as one of Print Magazines – 20 under 30 New Visual Artists, and recently selected as both a 2015 Typography & Lettering Awards and 2015 Regional Design Annual winner.

Sasha says of her work “The primary themes are the organic, the natural and the scientific. The majority of these designs are carefully constructed using graphite, ink, watercolour paint and digital media. With each project, I aim to push the boundaries of the themes and mediums I work with to create rich, complex visuals. I collect a mixture of vintage artifacts, handmade pieces, and nature, which inspire a lot of my work. I love to surround myself with plants, pottery, old children’s books, rocks, shells…”