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New direction for Rob Cowan

June 5, 2017 Rob Cowan has been working on a new style over the past six months. Taking previous commissions and working them into a new direction, he’s come up with a fresh take on his own work. We love it! See more at this link…

Live drawing by Rob Cowan

March 3, 2016 Rob Cowan took on the challenge of being filmed drawing this piece for Telstra’s tumbler. Click here to view and scroll down to the clip titled “Understanding empathy”

Subscribers Only – Free Poster Download #6 – Rob Cowan

November 2, 2015 Download the sixth free poster for your collection of The Illustration Room artworks. Rob Cowan’s pen and ink Cerveza.

Instructions to download your free A3 print…

1. After you receive your copy of the newsletter, click here to go to the download page.

2. Enter the one-time password that you will find at the bottom of your Illustration Room email “Number Six/October”

3. Click on “RobCowan_Cerveza_IRposter6.pdf” and the print will automatically download to your computer for your personal use only

4. Offer available for 48 hours only from 3pm Sydney time, November 2, 2015.

Copyright restrictions apply for any use other than for one only personal placement in your home/office space at maximum A3 size. Multiple reproductions prohibited. All copyright in the material you download remains with the named artist and may only be used in strict accordance with the terms set out. All rights reserved.

Rob Cowan illustration for professional services career choice app

May 18, 2015 Rob Cowan creates highly detailed multi-story office environment illustration for careers app for a large professional services firm in Sydney.
 “I was asked to produce a busy detailed illustration for an online game for STEM graduates – after the initial shock of the size and level of detail the illustration became more and more fun to work on, creating lots of little narratives throughout the composition. I could have worked on this illustration endlessly adding more stories and little details luckily the job had a tight deadline so there was a definite time to wrap it up!
The game has 40 hidden objects to find within the illustration relating to the four areas of study – many an hour has been spent playing the game and the help of my two boys was needed on many occasions to locate some of the more hidden objects!”
You can play the app here… until May 31, 2105

Crossfit by Rob Cowan

June 24, 2014 Rob Cowan commissioned by ROCKS Mining Magazine for a feature about the rise in popularity of Crossfit.

Make it Famous Posters featured on DDB Global blog

September 6, 2103 We are ridiculously excited to see our posters for DDB Sydney featured on the DDB Global Blog today! Read more about the project and the brief here…



Carmine Bellucci – A Feather

Michael Crampton – A Pen Lid

Petros Bouloubasis – An empty toilet roll

Kirsten Harris – a barbie doll’s leg

Chrissy Lau – A lock of hair

Rob Cowan – A twig

DDB Graduates Program launch posters feature Illustration Room artists

August 29, 2013 To announce the launch of their 2014 Graduate Program, DDB Sydney created a series of cleverly illustrated posters. The brief was a challenging one and asked the artists to make famous and sell an every day object that would … let’s be honest… take a bit of selling to university students – a pen lid, a feather, a barbie doll leg, a twig, a lock of hair and an empty toilet roll. Five artists from The Illustration Room submitted their ideas and came up with these dynamic illustrated concepts. Articles about the program and the posters have appeared on Mumbrella, Australian CreativeB&T and The Campaign Brief.

Carmine Bellucci – A Feather

Michael Crampton – A Pen Lid

Petros Bouloubasis – An empty toilet roll

Chrissy Lau – A lock of hair

Rob Cowan – A twig

Kirsten Harris – a barbie doll’s leg

A big thankyou to the team at DDB Sydney for the opportunity to be involved in a brief allowing the artists to show the scope of their illustrating and conceptualisation talents. We loved being part of it.

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