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Editorial – Petros Bouloubasis for Voyeur

March 2, 2017 Petros Bouloubasis for Voyeur Virgin Magazine – industries born from home – Microentrepreneurs – Uber, Etsy, Airbnb, USfood.


Tasmanian wine map by Petros Bouloubasis

October 20, 2016, Tasmanian regional wine map by Petros Bouloubasis for Halliday Wine Companion Magazine.

New Zealand wine map for Halliday by Petros Bouloubasis

July 14, 2016 New Zealand wine regions map hand painted on recycled paper by Petros Bouloubasis for Halliday. Previous wine maps for Halliday by Petros below.

Geelong food and wine map by Petros Bouloubasis for Halliday Wine Companion Magazine

January 21, 2016 Food and wine map illustrated by Petros Bouloubasis for Halliday Wine Companion Magazine. Taking the guess work out of Eating, Drinking and Playing in Geelong.

Hospital wall art by Petros Bouloubasis

June 27, 2014 Hellen Kiprizloglou from Prana Studios commissioned Petros Bouloubasis for another of his character filled murals for Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital, this time for their Cat Scan Room. So much detail and personality is strategically placed to provide even a moment of a much welcomed distraction at a very stressful time.


See other murals in the hospital here…

Women’s & Children’s Hospital Adelaide Wall Art

March 4, 2014 Maude Guesne and Petros Bouloubasis have created detailed murals for the Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Maude’s underwater fantasy land is featured in the Paediatric Emergency waiting room and Petros’ school yard is in the Medical Imaging X-ray waiting room. They bring welcome relief to children and parents at a difficult time. Art director for the project Hellen Kiprizloglou from Prana Studios Adelaide said she has already had many comments from parents and staff filter back to her about how much difference they have made while waiting for appointments with children. Petros is currently working on another one for the Cat Scan room. Last year Marta Antelo completed the Gamma Suite with a mermaids scene also pictured below. We love that we can bring our illustrations to public spaces where they are so greatly appreciated.

Pearson Education Year 3 Primary School Reader

November 25, 2013 Petros Bouloubasis Year 3 Fiction National Curriculum Science Boys Night In. Father and son take to the shed with the welder to attempt to cook some sausages for dinner while mum is away and resort to takeaway pizza!