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Editorial – Peter Donnelly maps for Men’s Health

April 20, 2017  Peter Donnelly’s maps for the Men’s Health City Guide – Sydney!

Property Brochure – Peter Donnelly illustrations

April 11, 2017  Illustrations by Peter Donnelly for Vanderbilt, a high end property brochure in London. Commissioned by One Big Company, London.

Peter Donnelly’s irresistibly happy vintage inspired characters

December 2, 2014 The work of Irish artist Peter Donnelly combines a dark sense of humour and a childlike view on the world with his love mid-century and vintage print design and folk art to create happy characters. Recently interviewed here for – a facinating read detailing how his illustration career has taken an unconventional path starting in feature animation working under his mentor Harry Hess who had worked on classics such as Mr Magoo in the 1950s. “Having the opportunity to study at close hand some of the best artists in the business gave me a great insight into what makes a drawing appealing, and why. I learned a lot about personality, staging and composition… I want to tell stories in my art”

For his sell out cover on Hot Rum Cow Magazine he set out to capture “a medieval flat style devoid of perspective, similar to old tapestry work which reflected the theme ‘A History of British Cider’.”

Keep an eye out for his projects with The Sydney Opera House and a children’s Thesaurus launching in 2015.