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Paolo Lim for Lodestars Anthology India Issue

Paolo Lim’s multimedia illustrations for Lodestars Anthology India Issue. Combining photos, watercolour and screen printing textures and pencil Paolo captures the energy and colour of the streets of India.

Custom Brochure – Paolo Lim for Mercedes

March 30 2017 Hardie Grant Melbourne produced custom book on behalf of Mercedes Benz for their customers. The theme – Innovation. They commissioned Paolo Lim  to illustrate the cover and seven chapter openers.


Paolo Lim for Gourmet Traveller WINE Magazines’s 20th birthday issue cover

November 30, 2016 Working each issue with Art Director Sabine Schmitz on the magazines regular columns, Paolo was honoured to collaborate on the multi-award winning magazine’s birthday issue cover and first illustrated cover since 2000. Cin cin Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine!

Paolo Lim for Gourmet Traveller WINE

September 30, 2016 Paolo Lim for Gourmet Traveller WINE October/November Issue.

The rise of so-called craft beers and spirits continues, Jancis Robinson MW argues that the leading wines of the world must surely be the most artisanal beverages of all
+ The Wonderland of Slovenian wine

Paolo Lim for Gourmet Traveller WINE Magazine

May 26, 2016 The newly re-designed Gourmet Traveller WINE Magazine is now printing Paolo Lim’s layered illustrations on a beautiful matt, textured paper that takes the art work to a whole new level. The dramatic visual this issue is a new favourite of Paolo’s work.  “In this column by Morris Gleitzman, he likens a meeting with Jancis Robinson—also a contributor to the magazine, and widely considered to be a preeminent authority on wine—to an audience with the Queen. This was the image that struck me: a Queen of Wine, ruling over her realm of vineyards and grapes. As always, notes from the magazine’s creative director, Sabine Schmitz, were very helpful in providing ideas for the finishing touches.”

Gibraltar World Music Festival Poster by Paolo Lim

March 10, 2016 Paolo Lim illustrated the Gibraltar World Music Festival’s poster for the section year running. “As the theme of this year’s festival is music from Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries, I took inspiration from the “azulejos” or glazed tiles common in traditional Portuguese building, and the mosaic-like “Portuguese pavement” seen in pedestrian areas in Portugal and some of its former colonies–breaking up the image area into a grid with geometric tile-like patterns.”

Paolo Lim for Gourmet Traveller WINE

March 2, 2016 Illustrations by Paolo Lim for the February/March Issue of Gourmet Traveller WINE Magazine.
“For the Jancis Robinson piece, top, I played with the idea of succession, propagation, the passage of time, mature vines and new cuttings”. The second piece, below, was for an article about supermarket duopolies.