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Children’s book – Maude Guesne illustrates Starring Olive Black!

April 3, 2017 Maude Guesne illustrates Starring Olive Black – the new book series by Alex Miles with Affirm Press

Mammoth Mistake Starring Olive Black – Olive Black is a 10 year old mega movie star. In her latest flick, Olive briefs a woolly mammoths back from the Ice Age – a BIG mistake. Luckily in real life she can’t mess up so badly. Or can she?

Next up – The Robbery Riddle Starring Olive Black

Aimed at girls aged 8-11, Olive Black series has been created by Alex Miles, contributing author of the best selling Zac Power series. In each of the Staring Olive Black books Olive learns with warmth, resilience and humour to deal with a different issue that kids commonly face. Maude Guesne illustrates each book with a full colour cover and illustrations throughout the page-turner story.

Published in Melbourne by Affirm Press.

In bookstores now.

Easter escape illustrations by Maude Guesne for Crown Hotels

March 15, 2016 Crown Hotels commissioned Maude Guesne to illustrate a magical Easter scene for a family holiday in each of their Crown Promenade Melbourne  and Crown Promenade Perth Hotels. Lose yourself in cute bunnies delivering easter eggs on trains and tea parties with mum and dad.

Maude Guesne for Total Girl Magazine

March 4, 2016 Every month for several years now Maude Guesne has been bringing to life the cute little Embarrassing Moments page in Total Girl Magazine. From falling over playing sport in front of your crush to falling in a pig poo or spilling ink on your face at school – they are every month the cutest little stories that always give us a giggle. Here are some of her favourites.



Maude Guesne for Australian Women’s Weekly column

February 2, 2016 Maude Guesne illustrates monthly for The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine column “Family Matters” written by reader favourite Pat McDermott.

The Umbrella Girls – illustrated by Maude Guesne

November 20, 2015 Maude Guesne brings her imagination and world travelling cultural curiosity to the  The Umbrella Girls. A series of eight books written to inspire young girls to build self-esteem and resilience.
Self-esteem Author and Mindfulness Educator Alison Nance together with Writer, Director Producer Philippa “Pippy” Pomeranz created The Umbrella Girls to empower girls around the world to shine. Each book takes us on fun, energetic stories teaching us valuable life lessons through the eyes of a different Umbrella Girl living in a different country. Eight-year-old Charli from Bondi Beach learns how to help her peers though voicing her wisdom. Zoe and only child from Paris learns what it means to embrace real life changes. Junior surfing champion Pia from Chile finally faces her fears. Indian girl Anika learns that big wishes can come true when you believe in yourself and your dreams.
The books can be purchased from The Umbrella Girls website and international shipping is available.
Core3 Entertainment will be adapting the books and bringing the characters to life on the screen.

Women’s & Children’s Hospital Adelaide Wall Art

March 4, 2014 Maude Guesne and Petros Bouloubasis have created detailed murals for the Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Maude’s underwater fantasy land is featured in the Paediatric Emergency waiting room and Petros’ school yard is in the Medical Imaging X-ray waiting room. They bring welcome relief to children and parents at a difficult time. Art director for the project Hellen Kiprizloglou from Prana Studios Adelaide said she has already had many comments from parents and staff filter back to her about how much difference they have made while waiting for appointments with children. Petros is currently working on another one for the Cat Scan room. Last year Marta Antelo completed the Gamma Suite with a mermaids scene also pictured below. We love that we can bring our illustrations to public spaces where they are so greatly appreciated.

Maude Guesne wins illustrated surfboard competition

July 30, 2013 French not-for-profit organisation UCPA organises outdoor sporting holidays and is sponsored by Billabong. In April they launched a contest to “draw your own surfboard”, the name of the contest was: ALOHA UCPA. Inspired by her time living in Australia and her love for all things Australian, Maude Guesne drew this little girl in a yoga position on her surfboard “For me she illustrates the spirit of UCPA/SURF – something cool, being with yourself and nature, dancing with the waves”

And they loved it! The judges wrote: 1st Prize – Maude has completely charmed and seduced the jury with her colourful and original entry! A beautiful creation that captures the spirit of surfing!

Maude will win her own surfboard with this design! UCPA will also print around 10/20 surfboards with her design for use in their surf schools in the South of France. Maude is off to Biarritz next week to collect her personalised board.  “I am soooo happy!! I will do lots of pictures in south of France!!” We will post them for you to share.