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Marta Zafra for Men’s Health Magazine

Portraits by Marta Zafra for Men’s Health Magazine.

Botanical species for City of Sydney Raingardens

May 25, 2016 The City of Sydney are constructing rain gardens across Sydney to act as natural stormwater filters helping to improve water quality in our rivers and the harbour and to add more greenery to urban streets. Marta Zafra was commissioned to illustrate the botanical species in the raingardens so residents can identify the plants. Hand-drawn, digital colour.

Cider Labels by Marta Zafra

July 29, 2015 Marta Zafra illustrates fruity cider labels.

Master your Mo – Marta Zafra illustrates famous mo’s for Schick and Men’s Health

November 17, 2014 Marta Zafra illustrates famous mo’s for Men’s Health and Schick.

Marta Zafra illustrates botanical set for City of Sydney

July 2, 2014 The City of Sydney have commissioned Marta Zafra for an exciting upcoming community project of a botanical nature. We’re showing you a sneak preview of her gorgeous work for them today.

Marta Zafra illustrates award winning archeological dig inspired beer bottle labels

June 18, 2014 Spanish agency Moruba commissioned Marta Zafra to illustrate a skull for the label of a boutique beer named after an archeological site in the region. The creative team used the site as the inspiration for their label, “…we decided to develop a concept around the ideas of searching, uncovering, discovery.” As we all like to peel and scratch our beer labels off, they have played on this habit and the labels allow us to scratch the illustrations on the labels to reveal illustrated skulls. Incredibly clever concept and gorgeous illustration work. Read more about the concept below.

Awards for packaging and more about the team behind the design here…

The DieLine Awards  – Beer & Malt Beverages, 1st Place.

Read their creative brief below….

“The client, Brebajes del Norte, created the first artisanal beer from Burgos (Spain), and named it Dolina in honor of the Great Dolina, the archeological site better known as the Sierra de Atapuerca. This product from Burgos is closely tied to the region and one of it’s most popular attractions – Atapuera, which is one of Europe´s foremost archeological sites. From the get go, it was clear to us that this site would be the leitmotif for our work. Thus we decided to develop a concept around the ideas of searching, uncovering, discovery. And so we stumbled upon this notably experiential design in which the consumer has the opportunity to investigate, scratch and uncover his or her own discovery. By scratching the label one will uncover the skull of Homo Heidelberguensis, whom his discoverers´ refer to as Miguelón. And by scratching the back label another discovery is revealed: the most complete and intact fossilized skull in the world, whose discovery in Atapuerca revolutionized the scientific community. During the design process, we were attracted to the idea of the beer drinker intuitively scratching off the label, like the actual work of archeologists who search without knowing if they will find anything.”

Marta Zafra illustrates the Men’s Health ultimate backup team

February 10, 2014 No man is an island according Men’s Health Magazine, unless you are Hugh Grant in About a Boy but as even he learnt he was missing out on many things, no less this backup team illustrated by Marta Zafra. Personal trainer, plumber, doctor, barber, financial adviser and mechanic… “You need an archipelago of reliable service-providers to see you through life’s tricker situations.”