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Advertising – Maya Beus for Hudsons Coffee

Maya Beus watercolours for Hudsons Coffee. Illustrated in both landscape and portrait format for brand advertising and instore. Keep an eye out. Art Direction by Spinach Melbourne.

Marketing and PR – Maya Beus for Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

May 29, 2017  The Communications Store London commissioned Maya Beus to illustrate a lively evening scene at the new Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Union Street Cafe Olive Grove pop-up in London. Maya illustrated an artist impression that could be used for pre-event marketing and promotion. Thank you to the @thecommsstore team. This illustration shows Maya’s skill in creating a busy scene with many people doing different things and on different angles and making it all look natural –  Maya had no photographic reference to work from for this piece which is not easy to do. A credit to Maya.

Mural and web – Maya Beus Sydney map

March 22, 2017 Maya Beus’ watercolour Sydney map mural for Doltone House Venue and Catering Collection. The mural was large scale at 9×3 meters and illustrating each of the Doltone venues, staff and the surrounding Sydney locations.

Editorial – Maya Beus for Good Weekend Magazine

January 21, 2017 Mystery and mood in watercolour and in fragrance. Maya Beus commissioned for today’s Good Weekend Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald. The magnificent result of a strong collaboration between Maya and Art Director Tara Axford, together they created the desired sinister Hitchcockian feeling surrounding the intimate application of fragrance.

Maya Beus for Oscar de la Renta

April 10, 2015 Maya Beus illustrates Oscar de la Renta Autumn/Winter 2015. Follow our instagram to see her animated version.

A fashion illustrator’s Gin & Tonic tour of Croatia

February 27, 2015 A commission by Delicious Magazine to illustrate bottles of boutique Australian Gin was the perfect project for watercolour artist and G&T enthusiast Maya Beus.

“Due to my love of a G&T and the Croatian love of lounging on terraces I could go on endlessly about my favourite bars for sunset apertif when I am home. Just writing this is making me nostalgic and ever more impatient for winter to pass.

1. I live in the South, close to Makarska so we’ll be on the terrace of Aparthotel Miramare twice a week at least. They have the best cocktails there. It’s gonna be a G&T before dinner and Mojito’s after.

2. Vis is my absolute favorite island – the beaches are incredible plus my friend and her husband run a self-sustainable organic farm and restaurant called Secret Kitchen, so I love to go there.  VillaKaliopa is so beautiful you would think you are on a movie set.

3. Restaurant 360 is my pick in Dubrovnik.”

Tourism infographics in watercolour

May 28, 2014 Maya Beus elegantly illustrates an infographic in watercolour for INK Global produced travel magazine Fah Thai.