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Kurt Parton – The Safety of Supplements

November 2, 2016 Kurt Parton for The CEO Magazine – The Safety of Supplements.

Kurt Parton for professional Planner Magazine

October 7, 2016 Kurt Parton for Professional Planner – a magazine for financial planners. Fear of robo-advice and the ‘bionic planner

Kurt Parton’s Tiger Team

June 22, 2016 Kurt Parton commissioned by Project Manager Magazine for a feature about corporate Tiger Teams.

Kurt Parton’s illustrated Indonesian Chefs combined with food photography

November 30, 2015 Kurt Parton illustrated Indonesian chef’s at work for the November cover of JetStar Magazine. The Art Director, Hardie Grant’s Dan Morley, cleverly combined illustration and photography for his cover concept.

ANZAC Centenary Gallipoli

April 24, 2015   The Buglar by Kurt Parton.

Kurt Parton’s emotive illustrations

October 7, 2014 Kurt Parton is a favourite at That’s Life Magazine for their weekly fiction illustrations. With a different story every week to illustrate, often with historical content Kurt creates a mood and brings to life the emotion and personality of the characters.


Pearson Education Year 4 Primary School Reader

November 25, 2013 Kurt Parton brings energy and fun for Year 4 students to this Science reader Treasure Hunt for Pearson Education. The young boy Pete finds an old map in his desk draw. He needs to understand how the earth’s surface has changed over time to be able to read the it and then find the treasure hidden on Volcano Island with the help of his blue healer.