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New work from gouache artist Kirsten Harris

July 18, 2014 Kirsten Harris’ sense of humour and artistic skills with watercolour gouache combine to illustrate a regular column in Organic Gardener Magazine and fiction pages for Thats’ Life magazine. Our favourite is Death in the Orchard!

New work – Kirsten Harris

May 20, 2014 Kirsten Harris has been drawing dogs recently! For Organic Gardener a poodle escaping through the orchard with a duck and for That’s Life fiction a man with his labs. Hand drawn and hand painted with gouache, Kirsten’s work is always full of energy and fun. The dancing illustration was for an article about a remote Lakeside dance-hall that roared throughout the 60’s and 70’s in North Carolina.


Make it Famous Posters featured on DDB Global blog

September 6, 2103 We are ridiculously excited to see our posters for DDB Sydney featured on the DDB Global Blog today! Read more about the project and the brief here…



Carmine Bellucci – A Feather

Michael Crampton – A Pen Lid

Petros Bouloubasis – An empty toilet roll

Kirsten Harris – a barbie doll’s leg

Chrissy Lau – A lock of hair

Rob Cowan – A twig

DDB Graduates Program launch posters feature Illustration Room artists

August 29, 2013 To announce the launch of their 2014 Graduate Program, DDB Sydney created a series of cleverly illustrated posters. The brief was a challenging one and asked the artists to make famous and sell an every day object that would … let’s be honest… take a bit of selling to university students – a pen lid, a feather, a barbie doll leg, a twig, a lock of hair and an empty toilet roll. Five artists from The Illustration Room submitted their ideas and came up with these dynamic illustrated concepts. Articles about the program and the posters have appeared on Mumbrella, Australian CreativeB&T and The Campaign Brief.

Carmine Bellucci – A Feather

Michael Crampton – A Pen Lid

Petros Bouloubasis – An empty toilet roll

Chrissy Lau – A lock of hair

Rob Cowan – A twig

Kirsten Harris – a barbie doll’s leg

A big thankyou to the team at DDB Sydney for the opportunity to be involved in a brief allowing the artists to show the scope of their illustrating and conceptualisation talents. We loved being part of it.

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Profile Kirsten Harris – Two things led me to illustration. The first being that my great-grandfather is Christian Skredsvig, a well-known Norwegian painter. His home and studio are now considered national treasures and can be toured. I taught myself to paint by copying as many of his pieces as I could.

… The second being a book on Norman Rockwell we had at home when I was little. It amazed me that a whole story could be told in one picture.

Illustrator Kirsten Harris studied illustration in the US at The School of Art at Washington University in St. Louis. After 13 years in New York City as a graphic designer and illustrator she now illustrates from London. She says she has always been inspired by theatrical things – costumes and attitudes and dramatic poses – and she likes to paint them mostly with gouache in winsome, feminine ways.

IF YOU COULD BE A DIFFERENT NATIONALITY, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? Definitely something Latin – I’d look better salsa dancing. I loved Buenos Aires. Everyone is so warm there so it makes exploring really fun. Once I got stuck in a ski jacket at a flea market there and it took three people to free me. When I came out, they all kissed me as if I’d returned from a long trip.

COLLECTING? Bits of the great outdoors from places I’ve been. I have some seaweed from California, circa 1986. When I was very little I collected broken coloured glass for the kaleidoscope I was going to make, but my parents put a stop to that.

NEW OR VINTAGE? Vintage, but no plastic.

FAVOURITE POSSESSION? Probably my iPhone, but a bracelet I inherited from my grandmother is a close second.  I imagine I am her, in an elegant, iPhone-free era when I wear it.

FAVOURITE ART WORK? Anything by Mark Rothko.

CITY? Brooklyn.

INSPIRATION? Sharp and entertaining writers who can describe a scene or character so well and come up with clever analogies – just with words! Miranda July comes to mind.

WEBSITE? Communication Arts website – especially for the ‘Fresh’ profiles of illustrators and designers.

FAVOURITE OF YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS? Mae West on Dieting and The Bikini on the Scale because I have some ridiculous polaroids of myself posing for reference.  I secretly crack up every time I look at them.

MOVIE? Amelie. Or maybe Delicatessen.

QUIRKY FACT ABOUT YOU? I have a pretty good sense of rhythm – but you probably wouldn’t guess that by looking at me.

We loved the story of how Kirsten learnt to paint, reading about her great-grandfather is also an interesting read. You can view his work here.