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3D Modelling at work

June 30, 2017 Igor Morski for HRM, The Magazine of the Australian HR Institute. The brief was to imagine the future of how and where we work – architecture, environmental, drones, work spaces, transport etc. Art Direction Mahlab Media Sydney.

Igor Morski photomanipulation and digital painting

March 13, 2017 Saturday’s ‘Lightening Strikes’ Good Weekend cover featured an X-ray feel image with lungs created out of lightening strikes. The feature associated was about the Victorian storms that caused tragically fatal asthma attacks, the storm that became a freak medical emergency in Melbourne’s hospitals. Art Director Tara Axford had a vision in her mind’s eye of what she wanted to illustrate the cover story. Igor Morski’s photomanipulation and digital painting enabled that vision to come to life and for the cover to look like a photographic image. Hours can be spent trawling though a photo library in search of the perfect image, and it can often end with something not quite right.. Illustrators like Igor can create an idea that cannot be photographed in a real life situation.

Editorial – Igor Morski for Good Weekend Magazine

December 7, 2017 Using 3D modelling Igor Morski was able to enhance the flames, ash and fire burnt pages to feel more dramatic. Good Weekend Magazine Creative Director Tim Boer placed the actual copy from the feature inside the magazine into the burnt out section on the cover. Igor also added flame to the photographs of the arsonists for the feature inside. Another great collaboration with the team at GW.

Igor Morski photorealism for The CEO Magazine

October 19, 2016 Commissioned by The CEO Magazine Australia,  Igor Morski used photorealism and 3D modelling software to create an illustration for a feature about the changing nature of jobs and education in the future under the current technology revolution.

Igor Morski CGI for Good Weekend Magazine

June 25, 2016  Custom CGI illustration by Igor Morski for yet another powerful cover from the team at Good Weekend Magazine. Out today.

Igor Morski for Organic Gardener Magazine

February 11, 2016 Imagine what you would find if you were able to look inside your body and see things this clearly, photorealism artist Igor Morski takes us into his mind’s eye for Organic Gardener Magazine. Igor illustrated a feature explaining the truths about toxic chemicals and the effects of chemicals used in food production on the health of our soils, environment and bodies, and looks at how we can reduce our exposure.

Igor Morski’s CGI lego characters for GW cover

August 25, 2015 Igor Morski used CGI software to create lego characters showing us what Australia’s teens and 20-somethings are getting up to at home. The feature breaks down the myths about the online hook-up culture and the perception this has led to more promiscuous teenagers than previous generations, apparently they are more likely to be at home on the computer or watching tv!