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Gregory Baldwin for Virgin

Gregory Baldwin Milan map for Voyeur, Virgin Inflight Magazine.

Gregory Baldwin for ABC Life

The cost of weddings – illustrated by Gregory Baldwin for ABC Life. Reporter Jason Om.

Gregory Baldwin for Hewlett Packard

Gregory Baldwin for Hewlett Packard. Qantas Magazine advertorial.

Conceptual illustration – Gregory Baldwin for HVB Magazine

July 11, 2017 A conceptual illustration by Gregory Baldwin representing the cohesive jigsaw that makes up Australian and Chinese business collaborations.
The July issue of Higher View Business Magazine features the outcomes of the official visit from Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to Australia in March and his address to the Australia China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum. Published by Citrus Media in Chinese and English for The Chinese National Tourist Office and China Eastern Airlines.

Editorial – Gregory Baldwin for HVB Magazine

March 15, 2017 Higher View Business Cover by Gregory Baldwin. Citrus Media, Sydney.


Conceptual finance illustration and photography can often become repetitive with the obvious monetary symbols repeated time and time again. Not so in the hands of Melbourne based illustrator Gregory Baldwin who consistently, very cleverly re-invents the wheel, or the circus wheel in this case.

For an issued focused on the trade of resources between Australia and China, the client briefed ‘a balance theme with a tight-rope or see-saw whilst including the many sectors of trade’. Gregory said “One image that stood out for me was that of the Chinese contortionist acrobats who balance trays of full wine glasses. The brightness of the flag imagery and circus theme allowed me to create pleasurable, lyrical, eye-catching imagery that entices the viewer to the more sombre subject of international trade relations in a delightful way.” The magazine is published by Citrus Media on behalf of China Eastern Airlines and The China Chamber of Commerce Australia.

Editorial – The new world of watching sport in Australia

January 28, 2017 Gregory Baldwin for The CEO Magazine. The brave new world of watching sport on Australian TV.

Gregory Baldwin for HQ Asia Magazine

November 11, 2016 Gregory Baldwin’s cover and feature illustrations for HQ Asia Magazine. In a world where robots, automation and gamification become the norm, how can a workforce adjust to be future-ready?