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Eun-Young Lim for Voyeur

March 22, 2016 Eun-Young Lim created an illustration set for Voyeur’s feature on Service Design – brands that craft the entire user experience from UBER to Apple to online shopping.



Mr Dappers illustrated guide to flying in style with Voyeur

February 19, 2016 Voyeur Magazine for Virgin commissioned Eun-Young Lim to illustrate Mr Dapper’s guide to flying in style.  Ten key tips to upgrade your trip from Dan Rookwood, the US Editor of menswear retailer Mr’s weekly style journal.

Future Travel report illustrated by Eun-Young Lim for Voyeur

January 26, 2016 Eun-Young Lim playfully illustrates the future of travel and the changes ahead for life on the road for Virgin’s Voyeur Magazine.

SBS Food – Ramencyclopaedia Illustrations by Eun-Young Lim

19 November, 2015 A set of illustrations commissioned by SBS Food show the diverse range of dishes derived from the classic Ramen noodle. Eun-Young Lim captures the colour and energy of the food, from a soup to a burger.

New work from Eun-Young Lim

October 19, 2015 New travel illustrations from Eun- Young.


New Artist – Eunyoung Lim

July 31, 2015 New Artist – Former advertising agency art director, Seoul based Eunyoung Lim’s charming work has a colourful, hand-drawn sketchbook feel focusing on people, travel and animals. Working with a mixture of mixture of pencil, color pencils, marker pens, poster colors and oil pastel she takes us travelling to places where snow falls on reindeers, rabbits, hunters riding donkeys in forests and little girls ice skating.

“I love travelling, I get inspired from travel. I try to put memories of my travel experiences into my illustrations. Like when I draw a puppy, I’m remembering a particular  ‘puppy’ I met while in another country. ”

Eunyoung lives with her little grey cat named Gauguin and her work has been published in Allure, Nylon and Around Magazines.