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The Great Big Book of Aussie Inventions by Chris ‘ROY’ Taylor

July 31, 2015 Chris ‘ROY’ Taylor has illustrated and written The Great Big Book of Aussie Inventions The Great BIG Book of Aussie Inventions takes you on a colourful, panoramic journey from the Aussie bush to the coast and introduces you to some of the weird, whacky and amazing inventions that have come from the land Down Under. Over 100!

Streaking, the panel van, ugg boots, butterfly swimming stroke, the esky and speedos… and many many more!

I’ve always loved inventions…one of my heroes growing up as a kid was the illustrator W Heath Robinson he was a well known cartoonist and illustrator from the early nineteenth century, he was famous for creating crazy nonsensical inventions. Anyway I started researching Aussie Inventions and trying to work out a way to make the book unique and appealing I also had in mind that I wanted it to work as an interactive app. So I started with the app in mind and worked backwards…the end product is a book that is one long continuous illustration. The inventions are placed within the illustrations so that kids can see them in their natural environment. Having two young kids I also wanted the book to work on a level that they would like as well so I hid a bunyip on each page. In total the book took three and a half years to create.

There were a number of inventions I was surprised to learn were Australian…Google maps, the armoured tank, the feature length movie….I also thought I knew everything about coffee, but I was surprised to learn that the flat white was invented in Australia.

Most people know popular Aussie inventions such as the boomerang, the Hills Hoist and the Lamington. But did you also know that Aussies invented the army tank, plastic money and shoe polish?  You’ll have hours of fun discovering and learning about Australia’s well known and more obscure inventions…..try and find the elusive Bunyips hidden on each page.