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Carmine Bellucci for Oppenheim Bank Annual – The Poet.

Carmine Bellucci for Oppenheimer Holdings, Investment Bank Annual – The Poet.

Wine label – Carmine Bellucci for Piñata People Gamay

May 4, 2017 Damian Hamilton from Cornershop Adelaide commissioned Carmine Bellucci to illustrate a wrap around wine label for Samuel’s Gorge Mclaren Vale – Piñata People 2015 Gamay.

Hand painted on woodboard with acrylics, the artwork is a colourful parade of happy and festive people dancing and having fun in the village as if in a bursting piñata. I wanted the whole painting to be a celebration, a ceremony of positive energy spreading all around the village.

“Cornershop briefed me to create an illustration showing the energy, excitement, colour, movement and fun that a bursting piñata represents and that could be found at a village carnival or festival. To to depict and create an artwork that could convey the exotic flavours and frivolous energy of Gamay and show a celebration and vibrancy of life, while engaging the viewer with a myriad of little details that draws you in and keeps you looking.”


Carmine Bellucci for Subsonic Music Festival

June 30, 2016 Inspired by 1920’s circus posters, Carmine Bellucci created The Subsonic Music Festival 2016 event poster.

“I was very humbled and excited to get to work on such a special project. To work on a music poster and be able to reach out to a large audience of people made me completely stoked. When I was briefed about the project with references to 1920s vintage posters bustling with people and full of energy I knew this project was going to be very exciting…and magic.

I accepted the difficult challenge to make it vintage but modern at the same time, packing in so much information int such a small space. So just started to play…and paint…depicting the four festival stages, the powerful and healing Barrington Tops river inspiring the whole festival, the greenery, and all the characters who make the whole show, lively, energetic, whimsical and magic. You can get lost in all the little details and spot every time a new surprise, that was what we wanted to create for this special poster…something the sweeps you away into a dreamland, a wonderful place where you can escape and be free, sharing good time with people and nature”

Carmine Bellucci illustrates the future of mining

October 22, 2014 Inside Mining Magazine commissioned pencil master Carmine Bellucci to illustrate their feature on “Taking Mining to the Next Step”. He incorporated into one illustration several factors outlined as being key to taking Australian mining to the next level. These included – the global rise of Asia, improving the distrubution infrastructure within Australia and increasing youth employment in the sector.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Carmine Bellucci

February 14, 2014 Happy Valentines’ Day from Carmine Bellucci.

Carmine Bellucci – Holocaust Memorial Day

January 28, 2014 Holocaust Memorial Day marked in illustrations by Carmine Bellucci.



Bundaberg Rum 125 Years Anniversary Sculpture collaboration with Carmine Bellucci

November 12, 2013 Leo Burnett Sydney have created a 3D sculpture in celebration of Bundaberg Rum’s 125 Year Anniversary. The sculpture was created entirely in 3D by Illusion, Co. who did the modelling, lighting & rendering to make it appear as an original carved from a piece of marble with gold features, diamonds in the snakes eyes and an actual bottle of rum. The Illustration Room artist Carmine Bellucci illustrated the scene with all the tiny detail for the 3D model to be based on. Skillfully incorporating years of Bundaberg Rum advertising, history and icons into one image – sugar cane, Bundaberg landscape, old wooden barrels of rum, the original distillery house, the polar bear, the bearded miller, the quirky musicians you will have seen the TV Commercial.

Thankyou to the creative team at Leo Burnett for such an innovative and exciting brief to be involved in – Vince Lagana & Grant McAloon (Creative Director), Jeremy de Villiers (Executive Producer), Adrian Jung (Senior Producer).