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Project Manager Magazine cover commissions

March 16, 2015 Hardie Grant Media collaborate with The Project Twins and Carlo Giambarresi to create a series of business inspired covers for Project Manager Magazine. Published on behalf of The Australian Institute of Project Managers.

Carlo Giambarresi commissioned by World Policy Journal New York cover

June 23, 2014 The theme of the Summer issue of WPJ was Change Matters: Crises in Currency. Carlo Giambarresi came up with a simple but clever concept of a swinging pendulum representing currencies to watch including e-currencies like Bitcoin.

Mining & landrights illustration by Carlo Giambaressi

March 11, 2014 Carlo Giambaressi’s bold conceptual illustration for OUTthere magaazine for a feature about mining and aboriginal land rights.

Carlo Giambarresi for Discovery Channel Magazine

August 2, 2013 Discovery Channel Magazine recently won the  ‘Excellence in Magazine Design’ award for the second year running at the Society of Publishers Asia Awards in Hong Kong. Creative Director Richard Maclean works monthly with Carlo Giambarresi to create his opening illustration for the Frontiers section. The results are always sensational! From the scientific analysis of the force behind Superman’s punch to crashing asteroids and a job searching spotting Polar Bears. It’s exciting to see what they come up with every issue.

The Lancet UK – covers by Carlo Giambarresi

June 18, 2013 Carlo Ciambarresi has started his series of 12 covers for The Lancet Neurology Medical Journal in The UK. Carlo is a talented conceptual illustrator who finds these briefs a great challenge, “These illustrations accompany very complicated medical articles, they are not easy to solve and neither is trying to explain the concepts for you in words!”

1. The hour-glass cover was about a motto that doctors have while operating on a brain, which is: “time is brain”. The sooner you can operate, the less risk involved.

2. The child walking is about a disorder that may cause retarded development in children.

3. Insomnia

4. Brain water – research has shown that a chloride channel involved in the control of fluid balance in animal models, is also essential for fluid control and sometimes causes dehydration in the human brain.

5. How directors of medical centers are controlled.



Mexican Drug Smugglers by Carlo Giambarresi

April 15, 2013 Carlo Giambarresi uses is usual subtle wit to conceptualise an illustration for a story about Mexican drug smugglers for Discovery Channel Magazine.

Year of the Snake by Carlo Giambarresi

March 20, 2013 Carlo Giambarresi created a series of illustrations for Air Macau’s inflight magazine, Horizons. His clever use of symbolism and simplicity results in stunning art every time. Featuring elegant old style portraits of Hong Kong’s feng shui masters predicting whats in store for The Year of the Snake.

A tip for singles looking for love from Pius Chan, a feng shui expert and fortune telling master of Chinese astrology “Put six coins in a glass of water at the north side of your home. For a harmonious marriage and family life put a potted plant in the same spot.” Lets see how it goes.. after we consult our compass app!