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Brent Wilson for BOSS Magazine, AFR

Illustrated by Brent Wilson, the six commonest mistakes we make in presentations. See today’s issue of BOSS Magazine in The Financial Review for how to avoid them. Missing the point, too many messages, information overload, digging up the past, boring and bland, wasting time. Art Direction Tara Axford

Macquarie Ice Rink’s Snowball

July 20, 2016 If you have not already been, get yourself to the Macquarie Ice Rink and meet their mascot Snowball the Ice Skating Bear – recently refreshed by illustrator Brent Wilson. What fun!

Brent Wilson for GQ Magazine

May 18, 2106 Brent Wilson was commissioned for March 2016 edition of GQ UK Magazine for an article about ‘next generation’ office spaces and modern office etiquette – including pay-as-you-go co-working, serviced offices, and accelerator programs offering investment and advice.

Brent Wilson

November 30, 2015 Brent Wilson’s work takes us back to 50s and 60s feel children’s books and advertising campaigns. Block colour, clean black line work and a very retro feeling, Brent says”I love drawing because it gives me the opportunity to breathe life into characters and spaces. All of my illustrations start with graphite and paper then transition on to the computer for a digital colour and finish. I grew up on a healthy diet of comics and cartoons which, to this day, are a huge influence on my work. Notably the abstract modernist style of cartoons produced in 50’s by artists like Chuck Jones and Mary Blair.”