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Bren Luke for SBS Digital Publishing interactive documentary

The talented team at SBS have produced this compelling read – A Violent Act – Perspectives on a Double Murder. INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTARY: The case of the 2003 student murders in Sydney remains open. Who killed Tony Tan and Chow Lyang?

Bren Luke was commissioned to illustrate the details of the crime scene before and after, murder weapons, and scenes as described by witnesses in their testimony. Wonderful example of digital publishing, thank you SBS for the fantastic brief.

Bren Luke for Mr. Jones Magazine

Bren Luke’s incredibly detailed cross-hatching for Mr Jones Magazine, David Jones. Medium Rare Content Agency.

Bren Luke wine label

January 13, 2017 Bren Luke’s detailed cross hatching for 2013 Marsc Wine Co. Cabernet Shiraz label for Five O’Clock Somewhere Wines.

Bren Luke’s colourful cross-hatching

July 29, 2016 Bren Luke’s colourful cross-hatching for Voyeur, Virgin Airlines inflight magazine. For a feature explaining the pros and cons of securing second-round funding for start up’s, Bren’s conceptual opener was a clever illustration depicting fishing for funding from the pool of ‘fish’ A and B – rounds one and two of investing.

Conceptual approach by Bren Luke for Good Weekend Magazine

June 18, 2016 Out in today’s Good Weekend Magazine a beautiful conceptual collaboration between cross-hatching illustrator Bren Luke and the team at GW. The story of a widow farewelling her late husband, the illustration was based on a quote from the article “In my mind’s eye I saw him, striding up Paga Hill, a colossus full of vitality, stamina and determination.”

Bren Luke for SBS Science

June 2, 2016 Bren Luke for SBS Science – Geoengineering and Climate Change. “Earth’s climate has been edging towards a scene usually reserved for a post-apocalyptic movie. Some posit geoengineering as a radical fix to climate change. Others say the risks are too high and its proponents mad. Welcome to the debate where science fiction meets climate science.” To read more click through to the SBS website here…

Bren Luke for Men’s Health Magazine

May 13, 2016 Bren Luke’s cross-hatching for Men’s Health Magazine.