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Bea Crespo for ABC Radio

Illustrations by Bea Crespo for ABC Radio Podcasts. Spend some time exploring world history via the small things that have shaped it. Each episode details a story in history, taking you from a tiny moment of change through to its mammoth consequences, all in the space of a coffee break. Hosted by Kara Schlegl.

Bea Crespo for The JCV

Bea Crespo illustrated the Judicial College of Victoria 2017 Prospectus cover.

Bea Crespo for Qantas Magazine

August 3, 2017 Bea Crespo for the newly redesigned Qantas Magazine.  Bea’s beautiful illustrations captured the author’s float therapy experience. Loving the new look Qantas team!

Conceptual illustration by Bea Crespo for Voyeur

July 7, 2017 “The path of an entrepreneur is rarely a linear one.” Conceptual illustrator Bea Crespo was at home thinking outside the square for this challenging brief from Virgin’s Voyeur Magazine. The story tracked several entrepreneurs who had failed in business or walked away to change direction, re-evaluate and move on to even greater success. Bea created a specific illustration for each of the five business people interviewed.

Annual Report – Bea Crespo for The Judicial College of Victoria

December 15, 2016 Bea Crespo’s conceptual illustrations once again adorn the cover of the Judicial College of Victoria’s Annual Report and Prospectus. Beautifully art directed by Annabel Mornement at The JCV. The themes for these two were reflection and immersion – simply and cleverly illustrated by Bea.

Bea Crespo for the Judicial College of Victoria Annual Report & Prospectus

December 14, 2015 Bea Crespo has created a set of seasonal themed illustrations for the Judicial College of Victoria. The 2014/2015 Annual Report gave us a figure making order of Melbourne’s colourful autumn leaves and for their 2016 Prospectus the focus on “Season of Learning” with an illustration for summer, autumn, winter and spring in Victoria.

Bea Crespo for University of South Australia Business Magazine

25 November, 2015 Bea Crespo illustrated maps, infographics and trade related icons for the University of South Australia Business School Magazine in their ‘Growth’ Issue, focusing on the Free Trade Agreement in North Asia. The maps and infographics show how it ‘opens doors’ for trading with Australia.