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New Artist – Annabelle Crow

February 4, 2016 Annabelle Crow is a digital illustrator and landscape architect living on the beach at Burleigh in Queensland. Her love of nature led her to illustrating the beauty and simplicity in what she sees and finds around her in nature and natural produce. We were drawn to her unique style of graphic art that she developed herself and is often compared to watercolour when printed. Annabelle’s files are uniquely vector art at final art stage while beautifully maintaining a softness and earthy, hand-drawn feeling that can often be lost in a digitally created file. Her illustrations draw attention to the finer details in an object, its imperfections or a colour change that would usually be neglected. “I believe so strongly that if you can learn to appreciate your surroundings then you have nothing left to do but be completely happy in knowing how lucky you really are. You learn to look for the good in something that once may have been bad, and you learn appreciate things that may seem mundane to the everyday eye.”

Annabelle’s prints and gift tags can be purchased here at her shop.