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Stationary – Andrea Smith’s cards and wrapping paper

February 23, 2017  Andrea Smith illustrated Tropical Butterflies & Wild Natives for Earth Greetings stationary set including greeting cards, gift tags and wrapping paper. The illustrations were to reflect the company’s brand themes which are earth friendly with a unique Australian twist. The illustrations capture Andrea Smith’s love of native Australian animals, flora and fauna, colour and texture.

Andrea Smith for Lulu the Baker’s Scandinavian Gatherings book

October 5, 2016 Andrea Smith illustrated a collection of pieces in her paper cutout style for Lulu The Baker’s new book, Scandinavian Gatherings. Her pieces included templates for DIY craft projects for painting at home as well as chapter openers for each section ranging in themes from cooking to craft. Available for purchase here.

Silk Scarves printed with Andrea Smith’s Australiana illustrations

May 29, 2015 Chinese brand Niya Silk has printed silk scarves using Andrea Smith’s paper art illustrations.  Their design team have taken elements of Andrea’s originally square illustrations and designed divine long rectangle shaped scarves. Andrea said “I was really excited when Niya Silk approached me to collaborate on a range of 12 silk scarves using my Australiana Horoscopes. These illustrations were inspired by the link between Australian bush flower essences and astrology. Native Australian animals, flora and fauna tell the story of each star sign and were chosen specifically to highlight the themes, symbols and traits of each sign. I love how they have re-worked the illustrations to suit the scarf shape and I am so happy with the end result.” Andrea received samples in the only mail yesterday. You can buy them at the Niya Silk website.

Niya Silk are one of the largest silk producers in China with a 38-year history of printing onto a wide range of silk fabrics such as chiffon and georgette. They use advance printing technology including digital printing and traditional hand-painting with organic dyes extracted from the plants and minerals. They produce silk products in factories in China and France for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Andrea Smith Christmas Cards set for Marks & Spencer

December 1, 2014 Andrea Smith’s paper cut out collage illustration commissioned by Marks & Spencer for Christmas card set.

Andrea Smith cuts out Sydney’s icons

October 2, 2014 Andrea Smith’s paper cut-out illustration technique created a colourful mood for the cover of this year’s Sydney Walking and Shopping Map, designed by Hardie Grant Media.

Andrea Smith chinese hill tribe costumes illustrated in paper collage

May 22, 2014 Andrea Smith’s paper cut out work appeared in the same month onboard TransAsia flights in thier inflight magazine Renaissance. “The paper cut illustrations represent the vibrant costumes of the Chinese Miao people which I enjoyed bringing to life with collage”. WE love the intricate detail in the flower cut outs used to create the women’s headwear.

Andrea Smith profile in The Herald Sun

August 31, 2013 Out today in the Melbourne Herald Sun home section is a great profile on Andrea Smith and the products she makes with her gorgeous paper cut out style illustrations. You can purchase her prints, teatowels, bags and jewellery here at her etsy shop. Read more about Andrea here and below how she got into illustration as a career.


“I studied Illustration at Enmore Design Centre, we were encouraged to try lots of different styles and it was there I discovered collage. I started freelancing full time after studying so I think my style has really just evolved over the years from working on lots of different projects and trying different techniques. At first I experimented by using found papers and fabrics in my artwork but now I paint the paper and create textures myself. My love of textiles, craft and the folk art movement are a big influence on my style as well.”