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Collage and pencil by Ana Bustelo

November 12, 2014 Ana Bustelo collage and pencil illustration for JetStar Australia Magazine. Their Food Buzz column about top Australian Chefs growing their own produce.

New Artist – Ana Bustelo

August  12, 2014 Ana Bustelo is a welcome new addition to The Illustration Room and we have already commissioned a project for her with Good Weekend Magazine that came out last Saturday August 9th.

Ana studied Fine Arts in Madrid and completed a Master Degree in Design but came back to drawing, “which is what I really love to spend my time doing”. Since then she has developed her style and worked for clients in Spain, Peru, Argentina, Germany, India and Canada among others.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Ana creates her illustrations by hand drawing elements and then combining them with her own photos and images from old magazines found in flea markets.

“I tend to draw mixing traditional techniques – graphite, colored pencils or acrylic – with collage and digital and then incorporate the different tones of aged papers as a way to colour the image.  It is difficult to me to describe my style, but I could say that it is realistic in appearance, sensitive and detailed. I give special importance to the concept, also I like to give a sense of humour to my characters and situations as well as provide every image with emotional ‘codes’ that let you dive deeper than the surface of things you might not immediately see in the image.