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New Artist – Alex Hotchin

December 9, 2017 We first saw Alex Hotchin’s work and were immediately intrigued by the intricate line work, drawn in by the very personal touch to her illustrated story telling, and struck with a burning curiosity as to who this girl was who rode a bike from Scotland to Laos? Alex is now a part of The Illustration Room and we are excited to share her work with you. “I really like to focus on part real/part imagined worlds in my drawings. For example everyday objects placed in unusual environments, or unusual environments in everyday circumstance. I would liken this to telling a story that gets embellished as it gets passed along.”
Alex Hotchin is an illustrator, creator, map maker and adventurer currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.
Working across a variety of media, including drawing, print making and water colour, Alex creates work based on the principals of story telling by capturing detailed moments in multi-layered narratives. She has a particular interest in the art of map making, and uses this medium to tell stories about the inherent subjectivity of experiencing a place. Her maps have been exhibited in New York, Istanbul and Melbourne.