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Carmine Bellucci imagines magazine covers from isolation in Italy

Calling it his Quarantine Sessions Carmine Bellucci has imagined his own version of magazine covers from isolation in Northern Italy. “This was a sort of exercise and entertainment I had during this period, I simply imagined some magazine covers and some pictures related. Maybe these are pictures I wished I had seen on the magazines, or maybe simply pictures that are redolent of this particular moment just because had been born from a mind that was living that period of time. The piece titled Hope that i placed on a TIME cover is inspired by the beauty and the feeling of early spring in Italy that he is not able to experience this year. The New Yorker, Repubblica and Vogue ones are not depicting coronavirus but they are generally touching issues such as waiting, standing in the sun, feeling strange, light-hearted, hoping to touch the sky, some beauty missus in the beginning of the spring, ecc… themes that of course could fit in this period but just as much as any other moment in our life. Imbued with some of the things all of us are going through these days I wanted to share them, especially with those who make the news and write.”