The Illustration Room


Alexa Coe for Witchery

Angie Rehe’s Royal Collection tiaras

Bea Crespo for ABC Radio

Angie Rehe for Nespresso

Gregory Baldwin for ABC Life

Sue Doeksen for Qantas Business

Gregory Baldwin for Hewlett Packard

Bea Crespo for The JCV

Sarah Hankinson for DreamLab

Marta Zafra botanicals for San Miguel

Michael Crampton cover for Project Manager Magazine

Marta Zafra for Men’s Health Magazine

Paolo Lim for Acuity Magazine

Bren Luke for SBS Digital Publishing interactive documentary

Liz Rowland for Gourmet Traveller

New Artist – Aidan Meighan

Beth-Emily for Lodestars Anthology New Zealand

Sarah Hankinson for Lodestars Anthology #8 New Zealand

Tanya Cooper for Virgin Australia

Niki Fisher for PwC’s The Press

PennyWise illustration and animation for Roadshow

Bren Luke for Mr. Jones Magazine

Brent Wilson for BOSS Magazine, AFR

Advertising – Maya Beus for Hudsons Coffee