Ollie Davis

Children’s book illustrator Ollie Davis creates vibrant scenes and characters using pencil, paint, pens, and pastels. He illustrates from his studio in a small town on the south coast of the UK and takes inspiration from real-life observations to capture the spontaneity of a moment, emotions of a location or environment, color palette, and the time of day to create a believable atmosphere in his illustrations.

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+61 432 950 648
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Ollie Davis Biography

When not illustrating? I’m big into bouldering and snowboarding and I’m at home the most when surround by big hills, preferably mountains. Bouldering helps to clear my head and see work in a different light when I get back to it.

Drawing hack? The best reference material I’ve found is getting your friends at university to model for you in strange contorted positions and pulling wacky faces.