Maude Guesne

Maude Guesne grew up in a small town not far from Bretagne, in France. She loves to draw animals, whimsical characters and tell stories with a touch of humour and sparkle, adding textures and using vibrant colour. Maude lives in Groningen, in the Netherlands, with her young family and where her studio is surrounded by nature, windmills and bikes.

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Maude Guesne Biography

She has always been passionate about travelling, nature and seeing the world. On her adventures as a travelling illustrator she has lived and worked in many different places, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Africa.

Desk lucky charm? A paper flower made for me by a Monk in Chang Mai, Thailand

If you could go anywhere, anytime, to develop your creative skills, where would you go? Back in time, in France in 1890 to study “l’art nouveau” and stay alive long enough to meet Sempé!