Matt Canning

Based in the south of England, illustrator and all-round creative Matt Canningworks with a mix of pen, ink and digital. His intricate hand-drawn style creates a vintage aesthetic with a heavily textured finish, bringing both a melancholic and playful feeling to his illustrations.

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+61 432 950 648
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Matt Canning Biography

What do you do to get out of a creative slump? Immersing myself in other people’s work can be invigorating – movies, music, books. I love small-press/indie comics too – it’s inspiring to know there are people out there self-publishing stuff in their own unfiltered voice.

Matt Canning Biography

Creative pursuit other than illustration? I’m a musician, guitarist and singer, and I did the band thing for a number of years – still do occasionally. As well as performing, I love the ‘branding’ element of music projects – home-made music videos, album art, photography.