Franco Rolito

Sydney-based Franco Rolito is consistently captivated by the allure of nature, nurtured by his upbringing amidst the lush landscapes of Cebu, Philippines, where city and island life intertwine. His artistic journey culminated with the attainment of a Master’s in Design, unveiling his distinctive artistry characterized by intricate detailing and vibrant color palettes.

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Franco Rolito Biography

Is there a film that has had a direct influence in your work?

It may sound surprising, but my whimsical taste draws inspiration from a rather unconventional source: the surreal and spine-tingling worlds depicted in films like ‘The Shining,’ ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ and the darkly enchanting series ‘American Horror Story: Freakshow.’ These cinematic masterpieces weave a tapestry of intrigue and imagination that fuels my creative spirit in unexpected ways.