Carolina Saiz

Carolina believes the best thing about a map is that they are infinite, they help us to situate ourselves and to understand the spaces we live in. Based in Seville, Carolina likes to immerse herself in a location and study each place so her minimalist and geometric maps are useful, realistic as well as visually beautiful.

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Carolina Saiz Biography

My family originates from various parts of Spain (Andalusia, Madrid and Aragon) but I was born in Huelva, a small town on the coast of Andalusia, very close to Portugal.

Although my family never introduced me to Andalusian folklore, I grew up surrounded by it and as an adult I started to value it and become more interested in my roots.

After 15 years living and working in Madrid I felt more and more the need to return to my homeland, so in 2021 I moved to Seville. This desire to return was also what prompted the beginning of my first illustrated maps, where I wanted to portray my city and learn more about where I came from.

Carolina Saiz Biography

Other creative activities apart from illustration?

When I have time I like to learn to work with my hands. In the last few years I have done furniture restoration, a ceramics workshop, I have learnt stamp carving, image transfer techniques and serigraphy.