Candelaria Mendez Cordova

Candelaria Mendez Cordova lives in Buenos Aires surrounded by her family of painters and musicians, she plays the guitar and is learning the drums with one of her musician uncles. The cover art of albums being played at home have influenced her journey as an artist. She uses black line work, bold colors and plays with variations of those colours to create shadows and highlights.

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Candelaria Mendez Cordova Biography

Desk lucky charm? I have a guitar pick stuck on my desk with Julian Casablancas’ (The Strokes lead singer) face on it.

All time favourite album to listen to while drawing? Inside In Inside Out by The Kooks.

Candelaria Mendez Cordova Biography

I love the power of drawing and what it can communicate. I find it amazing how we have the ability to picture something in our head and bring it to reality. And how each and every person has that one thing that sets their art and essence apart from the rest of the world, making them unique.